Work Christmas Party Does and Don’ts

We all love a good Christmas party! However the works Christmas party is a different beast all together! By all means have a good time and let off some steam, but don’t get carried away! You’ll be working with these people in the New Year.

Depending on your viewpoint, the Christmas party is either a hard-earned chance to let down your hair after a long year of work or enforced merriment where you have to speak to that strange bloke from accounts and people end up getting too drunk.

Parties are meant to be fun but too many see foolish revellers taking off their clothes, puking up in the punch bowl or making suggestive comments to the boss’s wife.

So to avoid the potential pitfalls of the Christmas party and ensure the night is as enjoyable as possible, here are a few dos and don’ts for the work night out.

Do: show up

Team spirit is important so unless there’s a really good reason for not being at the Christmas party, making an appearance is the right thing to do.

Don’t: sulk

Sitting in a corner playing on your mobile phone because you’d rather be at home watching the telly does not create a good impression.

Do: dress appropriately

You will want to change into casual attire for the party, but it’s still an event where all of your colleagues are going to be there. Accesorising with a bit of tinsel is fine; sellotapting mistletoe to yourself makes you look like a sex pest.

Don’t: go too skimpy

If you spent every other day covering up your cleavage/chest hair, don’t get it out at en event where everyone has a camera phone and will put the pictures of you looking a state on Facebook.

Do: eat beforehand

Anyone who does not know to line their stomach before a night on the town is not the sort of person I would want to promote. Think on.

Don’t: stuff yourself with the free buffet

I know that food is free, but it’s also for everyone. Once your plate is full, return to your seat. Do not start stacking up the savouries, do not take a second “overflow” plate and certainly do not try to slip some into your pocket for later.

Do: talk to your boss

He’s paying for this and he is a human too. If only for this one night, treat him like a friend.

Don’t: tell your boss he’s an idiot

OK, we know he is an idiot, but don’t say anything at the Christmas party that you wouldn’t march into his office and tell him any other day.

Do: have fun

It’s a party. Enjoy yourself!

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