The Best Cheap Fancy Dress Ideas


You’ll have to supply your own shirt, trousers and shoes, but we’d bet our bottom dollar that you’ve already got those lying around anyway.

Where’s Wally?


According to the product description, you’ll be able to “swing from building to building in this fantastic Spiderman costume”.

We can’t speak for the legitimacy of these claims, but we can comment on the cost – at less than a tenner, eBay proves that not all heroes wear capes.

118 man

118-118. We all know who they are, but nobody knows what they do. Don’t let that stop you buying this costume, though – we know that they’re at least good for some affordable fancy dress ideas.

Breaking Bad

For £12.99 you get the hooded overalls, gas mask, goggles and the gloves. We know Heisenberg dabbled in crime (to put it lightly), but this costume is an absolute steal!

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